Clear Crystal Candles,
            Cleanest Burning Non-Sooting Candle

Experience The Difference!

Ease your mind and open your senses to The Ice Candle. We're a new, unique eco-friendly candle the world has never seen before. Our natural, cleanest burning clear crystal wax allows the flame light to dance and reflect from deep within as if looking at beautifully lit crystals.

Each handcrafted candle releases select high quality fragrances which intimately combine perfectly with The Ice Candle's pure crystal wax. So unique, we have been granted a worldwide patent!



FeatureD Products

Highly fragrant candles

Hot Cinnamon


Citrus Salsa

Fresh Lilac Powder



Aloe Rain

Clean Linen

Available in all fragrances.


Pineapple Paradise

Chai Tea Latte

Tropical Mango

Vanilla Passionfruit

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